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About Me

My Name is Chapin.

I'm a consumer product designer with an interest in affordance theory. As a designer, I have been taught that every object in our built environment is an expression of a human need rather than a solution to a finite problem. To me, a designer is someone who studies and addresses human experience through the lens of an object's form and function.

My Story

I've engaged in 3D arts and functional design for most of my life. Growing up, I was lucky enough to spend many summers in studios glass-blowing, woodworking, metalworking, and wheel-throwing ceramics. Craftsmanship and 3D spatial thinking are strong skills of mine.

A few years of improv comedy in high school taught me to listen actively to others and to think creatively on my feet. It also taught me that sometimes when presenting in front of an audience, it's best to prepare in advance.

While getting my BS in Product Design at the University of Minnesota, I gained incredible experience in the wood, metal, print, and digital fabrication shops. I learned and executed dozens of frameworks for user experience research, market analysis, ideation, iteration, concept development, and presentation. I worked 2 internships in very different industries, both on small design teams. I've led countless client meetings and design briefs, created tech packs, CAD models, and made promotional renders for an array of real-world products.

Going forward in my career I'm looking to gain more experience in consumer industrial design. I love to work with others and fill gaps in a team. I learn new techniques and tools quickly and have high expectations for myself. I'm looking for a role alongside passionate people with room to push my design decision-making skills and take on new responsibilities.



Boston, MA


Chapin Galowitz

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