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Espresso Mono

Helping coffee lovers dial in their perfect cup every morning. And again an hour later... and maybe one more after lunch?

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Making delicious espresso involves a careful balance between variables like grind size, dose, temperature, and more. How might we help espresso drinkers navigate the challenge of balancing these variables at home?


It's hard to translate variables across multiple appliances for weighing, grinding, and brewing.

The dialing-in process is a cycle of adjusting inputs and measuring outputs.


It can take new users a long time to learn how each variable affects the others.


A well made shot of espresso is the result of even and balanced extraction. By adjusting the 8 main variables, we can increase or decrease the quality and amount of extraction that takes place during the brew.


The Espresso Mono system is built around a double-boiler setup to allow users to brew coffee and steam milk at the proper temperature. Removable bean containers allow users to switch between multiple bean types at a moment's notice.


The machine has a station for grinding, brewing, and steaming milk. During user testing, the foam model helped in discovering how much space each task required.

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   Final Concept   


Air-tight bean hoppers keep coffee fresh for longer.


The built-in scale tracks the ratio and extraction time of the shot to make sure every variable is measured accurately.


The machine and its companion app allow for complete control of all 8 variables, as well as remote features like pre-heating the boilers before getting out of bed in the morning.


Every accessory is designed with habitual use in mind. Easy-to-clean stainless steel appears everywhere from the tamper to the bean hoppers.

Label your beans to keep track of new flavors, separate decaf from regular, or warn your family to keep their hands off!

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Espresso Mono. Your best cup, every cup.

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