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A customizable stoneware set that makes prep cooking quite posh.

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Cooking is more of an art than a science, and all that creative chaos tends to get a little messy. How might we provide organization and cleanliness to home cooks without confining them to a rigid system?




Organizational systems force users to adopt new behaviors which are hard to maintain.

Cooking is a nonlinear process that requires improvisation at times.

Users consider 'clean-up difficulty' as a primary factor when making choices in the kitchen.

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A system that encourages creative cooking should support the emergent behaviors of the chef. We ought to make a set of tools used to build solutions rather than a single fixed solution itself.

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Every kitchen is different, and every cook has their own needs and preferences. A good system should be malleable in scale and scope, allowing users to design their own environment.

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Inspired by classic stoneware makers like Fiesta and Le Creuset, and the warm nostalgia for American-diner and mid-century 'retro' aesthetics, Preppy's modern look is rooted in centuries of proven design.


Preppy is more than just a pretty mug. The system is built on a 4"-grid of 1-liter cubes, which makes Preppy the perfect measuring companion. The large dish, a 2x3 piece, has the same volume as a standard casserole dish.

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Preppy is all about teamwork. Each piece builds on those beneath it and supports the pieces that come next. As a family of products, these little squares combine to make spice organizers, coffee corners, serving sets, and so much more.

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Imagine what you could make if you got a little Preppy.

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