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Chapin Galowitz is putting the C.G. into 
Computer Graphics.

'Sector 3' Race Wheel

Inspired by the racing wheels from iconic cars like the McLaren MP4/4 and the Porsche 911 Cup, my GT/F1 style racing wheel is built around a suede-wrapped, pill-shaped grip that's more ergonomic to handle under the decreased operating angles seen in a race environment. My renders use dramatic lighting to highlight important touch points and features.


Flying Car

These compound curves and part lines require good mesh topology in the 3D software to ensure that the highlights and shadows flow smoothly across the whole model. I modeled and lit the scene to create a clean highlight along the shoulder line of the car.

hovercraft render3
hovercraft render1
hovercraft render2
hovercraft render4


In this project, I learned that every material is made of many layers interacting with eachother. The 'cherry red flecked car paint' material I made for this render uses 15 different material nodes, and the 'leather seat upholstery' material needed 18.

splitter render4
splitter render4
splitter redner2
splitter render3
splitter render1

Headphone Splitter

For this project, I took a simple form and explored a more graphic style of presentation. I used the same texture, my initials, as both a backdrop for the render as well as the depth map for the green plastic material, creating an embossed effect that unifies the images. 

preppy render2
splitter render1


The bottom of this ceramic dish with silicone feet is all about texture. I spent the most time dialing in the subsurface scattering on the silicone feet. this controls light distortion, diffusion, and transmission throughout an object. High-contrast scene lighting plays a key role in the appearance of depth in a material.

peppermill render1
peppermill render2

Pepper Mill

This was my first time using AI in an image compositing process. I always post-process my work. The image on the left is the render as it came out of my 3D software. The image on the right is a mix of traditional and AI-generated post-processing elements. It's hard to tell what I added by hand and what was added by the AI. 



While I do put some work on my website, I am always posting behind-the-scenes and personal projects on my Instagram account. Check it out @Chapin.G.Design.

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